Crafty Little Girls

While we were in Colorado, I bought some plastic canvas, needles and yarn so I could teach Addy and Leia to sew.Leia is still a little young - she tried for awhile, because Addy was doing it, but wasn't overly interested. 

Addy, on the other hand, LOVED it.
So being a good grandma, I bought her more canvas - stars, hearts and a big square - more needles, lots of yarn colors and a big pink bucket so she can keep her sewing supplies all together on her crafting table. If she were older, this would be called 'enabling'. But now it's just 'teaching the next generation'.


Anonymous said...

lol...enabling. I love it! My granddaughter of 1 watches me intently as I crochet and knit.

Vickie said...

Way to go, grandma!