Not My Usual

 Hubby says this is the ugliest thing he has ever seen.I started out agreeing with him, but Skullky has grown on me.Who wouldn't love that little face??

I was commissioned to make this for a holiday gift and Skullky will be going to his new home tonight. The body is crocheted and the white 'bones' are made from felt that I cut out and sewed on by hand. 
The pattern said this is a 6-hour project, but they lied. I've got at least 30 hours into it, which means I'll make just over a dollar an hour for my labor. But it's been an interesting project* and sometimes that's enough. 
I'm even thinking about making another of these for a gift. 
Or not.

*As with most Japanese patterns, this one was mainly a diagram, with a few, um, 'carefully chosen' words. Like "2-1-5". Which Anne and I eventually figured out meant that every 2 rows you decrease 1 stitch 5 times. Fun, fun, fun.      


Vickie said...

Man this Skullky is really different from your usual all right! Actually kind of cute!