Cats 'n' Kids

Leanne has been with us almost everyday for the past week or so while her momma fills in during a co-worker's vacation. Hubby and I - and Leanne - are all thrilled with the arrangement. The only one unhappy? Poor Lily. She's terrified of all the little girls, but especially of Leanne, who would love to get her hands on the pretty kitty. Lily used to hide under the furniture when she saw the baby headed her way, but Leanne had no problem getting down to that level and would get waaaay too close. Lily has finally figured out that Leanne can't climb. At least not as far as the top of the couch. Now Lily sits up high, usually right behind my head since that's my spot on the couch, and keeps a sharp eye on the littlest interloper. You can almost hear her thinking 'nanner-nanner, can't get me up here.' Although at the rate Leanne is learning to crawl and walk, it won't be long before she's climbing too. Better keep a sharp eye out, Lily.