House of Flu's

Hubby and I took turns having the flu most of this week - Leia was such a sweetheart to bring the evil germies home from daycare - so not a lot has gotten done.I taught a few classes and took my first quilt class
before I fell ill on Saturday, hubby's birthday (darn it)

So what did happen? Addison got her Halloween costume -yep, another year of the princess. She promises next year she'll be something 'scary'. Neither her mom nor I believe her. 

Matt took his family to Ojai for a birthday bash, then for some outdoor time in the hills of Santa Paula. 
Those are some darn cute kids. (yep, I'm biased.)

I found a neat recipe for homemade bathtub paint, which I promptly forwarded to Rach, who just a promptly made them for Addy. Judging from the photo, I think she's forgotten that she's sick with the flu, too. Leia has some powerful, interstate germs going there.   


Vickie said...

Hope you are all are feeling better!! Remember, we do teach the little ones to 'share.'