Happy Girls

Naia is happy because I figured out a way to make her a t-shirt dress, just like the little girls'.
I took one of my medium t-shirts, added a pieced together skirt (my fabric was 44" wide and I needed 60") and voila!
She loves it and I think she looks great.  (The dress is sleeveless; she has it on over a t-shirt and jean shorts.)

The cats are happy because I obviously put all this fabric out just for their lounging pleasure. AJ made herself a little nest, 
  while Lily just wanted to wrestle it into submission.

Joann's Fabric is happy because I've been in there at least every other day since I got my new sewing machine. Sunday's excursion netted me a new pair of Ginger scissors (40% off!), 2 jelly rolls to make a quilt (my real reason for going to J's in the first place), and a kit to make this quilted bag - 

complete with inside pocket

and some of the ugliest fabric I've ever seen. But the way to improve your skills is to practice, right? And the kit, including fabric, was on clearance for $7.97.

At that price, who cares if it's ugly!
The other thing that made me happy was getting my bobbin lace supplies organized. Thanks to the generosity of ex-lacer friends, I've outgrown my little carry bag. A quick trip to Harbor Freight, where this beauty was less than $18  (Joann's wanted $45 for something similar)

and I had all my bobbins, thread and tools in their new home.

And had time to start a new lace project.

 As Leia would say, I happy me.


Marie said...

I don't think the fabric is ugly. I think it looks fun