From Unloved to Fabulous

What to do with cute t-shirts that Leia flat refused to wear? Why, make dresses, of course. 

I loved this Tinkerbell shirt, with its blue sparkles, and really thought Leia would too. Wrong. But now that it's a dress? 
She doesn't want to take it off.

Unless it's to put on the Elmo dress. 
Same thing with this shirt; it's bright, colorful and Elmo's one of her favorite characters, but she wouldn't have anything to do with it. 

Add a skirt of pretty paw prints - that just happens to match the skirt on big sister's dress - and she loves it.
This is the second of five dresses I'm making Naia from fabric she picked out.
She likes anything to do with animals, including teeny tiny paw prints.
 And look what she wore to school today - 

I think she likes it. 


DaCraftyLady said...

those t-shirt dresses are great...I am going to have to make one for me instead of getting rid of the tees..they are soo cute..

Vickie said...

Those dresses almost make me wish I was home to sew...almost! Beyond cute...and for a "tween" to love them....WOW!!!!