First Time

I took Naia, 10, with me to the fabric store for the first time. She loved the t-shirt dress I made her - 

proudly wore it to school today and got lots of compliments - and wanted more, pretty please. First stop was Target for some t-shirts; not many were on sale, unfortunately, but we ended up with four shirts we both liked. (No see-through, no low necklines, no 'sleeze'. Grandmas are a tough sell.)

Next stop, Joann's in Oxnard. Naia was a little overwhelmed at first but quickly got into the spirit of the hunt. For each t-shirt, she changed her fabric choice at least twice and one shirt had four potential mates before Naia found one she *loved*.

And I found a gold mine in the remnants bin. With all the fabric flying off the shelves during the weekend sale, I wasn't too surprised to find the bin restocked but was very pleased to find so much kid-friendly dress-potential material. The fleece is just over a yard and will make a nice baby blanket for some one for about $5. All the others are one yard or less and prices ranged from $2.50 to $4.00 apiece. And I should be able to get two dresses from each one. Score!!

After dinner, I finished two dresses - one for Naia in purple and red cherries (her choice; love those colors together) and one for Addy in teal with fishies. Naia's dress cost me about $16 - $10 for the t-shirt and $6 for the skirt, with a little yardage left over for another project.

Not bad for a few hours work.   


Vickie said...

Cute, cute, cute!