Bobbin Lace

I didn't get much bobbin lace done over the summer - my teacher was on vacation in Denmark and Norway - but since we got returned from Colorado in mid-August, I've gotten back into it with a vengeance.

Last night I finished a new pattern that I worked completely on my own, beginning to end.  I love the twisty, curvy lines of the 'trails'. 
There are a few areas that could be improved on (not 'mistakes'; they are 'design decisions') so I've started another of the same pattern.
It's a bit hard to see the two different shades of orange. Hopefully, they will be more distinct when this is finished. 
I also started a new project in class last Monday. I didn't realize I'd used the same colors until I looked at these photos.
This one is more complicated, with no written instructions, just the pattern symbols (which can have multiple meanings) and verbal directions from my instructor. That makes it tougher for me when I get confused or start a new section, since I need to wait for the next class to get clarification. Or I could add another bobbin lace class to my schedule. 
Guess which option I took? You got it - I'm starting a second class on Tuesday mornings at the Scandinavian Center in Thousand Oaks. I think I may be hooked on this stuff.  


Vickie said...

Absolutely stunning!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous and beautiful!!!

Elisa said...

Thank you! I'm really enjoying bobbin lace - even the (frequent) unweaving.

Anonymous said...

And love the new ravatar, the bookmarks are beautiful.