WIPs and FOs

Didn't get much accomplished craft-wise while we were in Colorado - too many grand girls to hug - but a few things have gotten done or are in progress since we got home.

Loved the knit Helix Scarf that was in a recent edition of Spin-Off, but it just screamed "Tunisian" to me. Soooo, I'm working up a new version using Tunisian short rows.
Had a couple of false starts (or 5 or 6 . . .) but think I've got the kinks worked out now. Love how soft this yarn is.

Thought the Royal Shawl would be easy; it's only a one-row repeat, after all. Wrong. This thing has been kicking my b*tt.
Need some quiet time to get it figured out. Love the look of the finished shawl, with its deep ruffle all around.

Two projects have made it off the hook.
A Tunisian shell scarf that's so soft and smooshy, made with Road to China Light - a fabulous blend of alpaca, silk, camel and cashmere. One ball was all I had in this colorway, so that determined how long the scarf would be. Turned out to be just right.

Another Perfect Shawl is done.
I've made a bunch of these, in a variety of yarns and colorways, and each one is just perfect. (Hence the name.) This one is just over half a skein of Zauberball Starke 6. Thought the yarn might be too busy for the pattern but it's not. Love how this turned out; so different from my 'usual'.


Vickie said...

Better keep this shawl away from Ellen! Gorgeous!!