Weekend Review

First thing Saturday, I took the little girl to get her hair cut. Leia's hair was getting so long - and it's so curly - that trying to get it prettified every day was leading to some cranky hair combing sessions. Leia was a little fidgety until Summer gave her a spray bottle and towel to play with. After that, Leia didn't care how long the haircut took; she was having a great time.

Once that was done, hubby and I headed north on another antiquing mission. Since we had a late start - didn't get out of town until almost noon - we decided to head straight for Arroyo Grande and the antique stores we didn't have much time in on our last trip.
I found some great tatting shuttles for $5 each (!! The next store we went to had them at $30 apiece. Score!) and a couple of nice vintage hooks. On Sunday, I found two more hooks tucked away with a crocheted butterfly and this colorful hexagon trivet. Love it! I'm definitely going to make a few of these . . . . some day.

Saturday night we spent
at the 1880 Union Hotel in Los Alamos. We'd had lunch here on a previous trip, gotten a tour of the rooms and loved it. Our original plan had been to head further north from Arroyo Grande but . . . summer weekend . . . no reservations . . . State Fair in Paso Robles . . . . all added up to no rooms available in any of our favorite antiquing towns.

The 1880 Union had vacancies; we got to choose from several rooms and picked the Presidential Suite because it was niiiiiice and also because Lucas - our tour guide, bell hop, registrar and, later, dinner waiter - told us the bar noise might be kind of loud in the other 2 rooms. (More on that later.)

We had a living room with plasma TV,
balcony overlooking the back yard bbq area, bedroom with stained glass window over the king size bed and a frosted window over the jacuzzi tub (next to the 2-person tiled shower.) Whoever designed this suite did an excellent job. It was a very pleasant blend of new and old - the door to the bathroom was left in original condition and the (original?) exposed brick over the bedroom windows was a very nice touch.

This was a great getaway spot that would have been absolutely perfect for us except for one minor, little, itty bitty detail that nobody mentioned when we made the reservation or when we checked in. The v.e.r.y. loud live band that set up in the dining room about 8 pm. And played v.e.r.y. loudly until 12:30 am. So loud that we could hear them over the noise of the TV that we'd turned up to try to drown them out. When I went down to inquire as to WTH was going on, I was told sorry, it's in our contract. At least I think that's what she said as we were screaming into each other's ears.

Overall, it was a great weekend. Just wish it had been a bit more peaceful. And sleepful.