Happy 3!

Leia's birthday occurred while we were in Colorado, so we waited to celebrate until she could be home with her daddy. It was such a beautiful So. California day, that Leia's daddy decided we'd party at a local park so the kids could play before we dug into the pizza and cake. One little hiccup - dad forgot to bring a knife to cut the cake and forks with which to eat it. The kids couldn't have cared less about forks and the cake cutting part was solved thanks to grandma's (that would be me) bright idea to rip up a paper plate. Then it was present opening and enjoying time.

Right after this, Leia got off the scooter and told Phoenix, 2,
that it was her turn. So proud of my little monkey

The scooter, these shoes - part of a set of 3 pairs in different colors - and the tutu skirt PopPop found were the hits of the day. And finding friends to help you learn to walk in your new heels? Priceless.