It Made Me

Want to see what jumped out of the stash and demanded to be spun today? I bought this 7 ounce batt from Morro Fleece Works at the Guild's fiber fest last year. I thought the colors were the most gorgeous thing I'd see all day.

I hadn't planned on spinning it for this year's Tour de Fleece but sometimes you just have to listen to the fiber when it calls to you.
And once I started spinning, I couldn't stop. The fiber prep was so smooth, so even, so addictive. In less than a day this was spun, plied, washed, whacked, photographed and hung up to dry. 200 yards of 2-ply fuzzy alpaca/Romney goodness.

Wasn't sure what I was going to make with this, but its been whispering all night that it wants to be a scarf.
Guess I better start looking for patterns.