We took the two little girls out to visit hubby's mother today, while Naia was in summer school. Hubby had wanted to go on Monday - by himself with the two girls - but Marie and I managed to convince him of just how crazy he must be to wait another few days.

Great Grandma was thrilled to have the girls there.

Checking each other out - Leanne is fascinated

On the way to Llano (out beyond beyond) we taught Leia to say "Grandma Poco", which is what our kids always called their paternal grandmother. Leia made major points by saying it, loud and clear, with only one prompt from PopPop. She also entertained with dances, animal noises, songs and other general silliness. Not sure how much hubby's mom could actually hear, but she and Leia both seemed to enjoy themselves.

And what were hubby and Leanne doing a lot of this?
Hubby swears Leanne went to sleep first. Uh,huh.


Vickie said...

I am so tickled that you saw mom and everything is fine. She looks like she was enjoying herself immensely! I love your new ring. I've been beading some; hey a little bling is good, right?