Daddy's Got A Brand New Bag

Well, a new hobby anyway. That song's been running through my head all afternoon, ever since hubby and I took a drive to Carpinteria to visit the orchid farms. Hubby's decided to try his hand at growing orchids - and I'm strongly encouraging him. I get orchids all around me and don't have to remember to water them (or not water - I'm big on over-watering too). All win for me! He's purchased a couple of plants locally but we wanted to see what was available on a larger scale.

Boy oh boy, does Carpinteria have orchids! Huge greenhouses; acres of orchid beauty.
It's the end of the flowering season, so the stock was pretty picked over at the two nurseries we visited, but we still had plenty of choices. We got three cymbidiums for outdoors - hubby's not crazy about this brown one, but he humored me; I think it's gorgeous! - and one indoor dendrobium to go with the phalaenopsis he already had. Now we HE just has to figure out how to keep these alive. And maybe get them to flower again next year.


Vickie said...

I am so jealous...you live in the perfect place!