Shawl, Shawl, Sweater

Lion Brand's 'Bridal Shawl' - my 6th shawl for '10 Shawls in 2010' - made with sport-weight Madelinetosh Pashmina, not the bulky-weight yarn called for in the original pattern. I used a little less than 2 full 360-yard skeins, so this is probably 680 or so yards. Pashmina is NICE; it gives the shawl a nice weight and elegant feel. Highly recommend this pattern and yarn. Y'all will like it, I promise. (link to LB pattern here) (link to shawl on Ravelry here)

I didn't make this, Ginny did - but it's all mine. We worked a swap and she knit me this February Lady sweater using Manos del Uraguay's yummy 'Silk Blend' yarn and abalone shell buttons that Susie gave me a while back. The pattern is available as a free download on Ravelry (here). Almost 9000 people have made this and the pattern has been translated into 7 languages besides English. Think this thing is just a little popular?? And with good reason - I *love* it. Thanks again, Ginny!

I didn't make this shawl either - Melinda did - but it's all mine too. This was another swap. I picked the pattern (Peace Shawl) and the yarn - Melinda had recycled it from a man's sweater she found at a thrift store. She held the yarn double for the top section, making it warmer around the shoulders, and then used a single strand for the bottom section, making it light and airy. Most Peace Shawls shown on Ravelry are small, dainty kerchief-like things. This one is a shawl. I've already worn this a bunch of times and I see it getting a lot of day-to-day use.

Love the flecks of color throughout the predominately brown yarn.


Matbaza said...

They are sooooooo emazing!!!!!