Sping Is Here

I know, because the iris are blooming and yard improvements have begun again.

Dick took a break during the poor excuse for a winter we had in So. Cal. Since it doesn't look like we're going to get any more rain, and the weather is heating up, he's back at work finishing the front yard.

Earlier this week he set rebar and staked bender board around the front walk.

And today we got to pour cement! Oh, the excitement! And did you notice the "we"? Cementing is not, unfortunately, a one-person job. It is, however, a fairly fast job, since you have to get the cement out of the trailer and into the forms before it sets up and starts to dry out. Dick picked up the trailer just before 8 and was on his way to return it by 11.

This is the foundation for a wall and seating around the fountain we have planned for the front yard.
Dick wanted to pour the cement around the front walk today, but it was a little too hot and I'm not the fastest helper, so that will have to wait for another day. Instead, we now have a cement pad behind the garage for the trash cans. Dick had planned on pouring that later, but since he had enough cement it got done today. Pretty, yes?