Funniest Cat Story Ever

A friend sent me this story. I thought it was hilarious. Once the tears dried and my sides stopped aching, I thought I'd share it with you. Jack Jack has a history of being, uhmmm, "adventuresome". We loves him but, like most kids, he can be a royal pain some days.

I'm having some people over tonight, so before I went to bed last night I took a pack of frozen chicken breasts and other various meats out so they could defrost. I was very responsible about it and put a plate under everything so water would not get everywhere and I even put a towel over the frozen stuff so that Jack Jack would be less inclined to bother with it. Yeah.

I woke up this morning, walked into the kitchen and discovered two, now defrosted, chicken breasts sitting on the kitchen floor and one in the sink. Ew. Somehow, with no claws and without leaving teeth marks, Jack Jack put a perfectly symmetrical hole in the pack of chicken. I'm assuming he pulled everything out with his teeth (?) but the breasts were pretty big so I really have no idea how he managed to do this so quietly during the night. And there were four missing so he must have been at this for hours. This was all gross and annoying enough until I realized that FOUR were missing, not three. So where's the missing breast?

I walked around the apt looking for it and could not find it. I had ruled out the idea that he may have eaten it because they are fairly large and Jack Jack barely eats anything. So now I'm totally grossed out. There's a decomposing chicken somewhere in my apt and I can't find it! I finally ran across the street and knocked on the door of one of the younger guys who lives near me to see if he'd help. (If he had any doubts that I was completely insane, he doesn't anymore.) Honestly, I think he thought this was some highly elaborate scheme to hit on him, but he obliged and came over. After 20 minutes neither one of us could find it. He was laughing. I was not.

But do you know where it was? Where the disgusting, mushy, decomposing chicken breast was?

Swat was sleeping on it in their tree!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE CATS? And now they're covering for one another!


Lisa said...

We don't love him. We think he is evil!