Glass FO's!

The slumped glass pieces Dick and I did turned out much better than we'd hoped. The glass tiles went from this . . . .

to this . . . .

Dick's leaves had more detail and (I think) turned out better than my dragonfly and flowers. But for a first effort, I'm very pleased with both.

The fused jewelry is just awesome (if I do say so myself.) I love how the dichroic glass melted and flowed into the different shapes. Dick did more grinding and polishing on his raw pieces than I did. I preferred to take random shapes, put them together and see how they turned out. A couple are headed for the scrap heap, but the rest are definitely usable.
To give you an idea of size, the square blue piece in the second row is about the size of a quarter. Next time, I'll try to use something in the photo for proportion.

Marie appropriated the necklace below and has been wearing it constantly. Dick and I plan to cut a groove around the edges of most of the other pieces so we use wire wrapping techniques to make necklaces and bracelets.

Hmmm, can anybody say "Christmas presents"?