Another One Of Those Days

I knew things were not going well this morning when I got stressed to the point of throwing things because I could. not. find a pair of socks that matched. The past two weeks have had too much work, too many deadlines, and not enough quiet, stressless, just-for-me, I'm retired dammit, crafting or reading or whatever time.

But it got better. On our way to pick out some carve-able soapstone for Dick's birthday present, we stopped for lunch at a new cafe in Ventura. And what was on the menu? The ultimate comfort food - gourmet mac & cheese. No Velveeta or Kraft in-a-box stuff here. It was truly wonderful. (And I am not going to think about the calories or the fat content. Not. Not. Not.)

And today it was finally chilly enough to light up my new studio fireplace. Behold! The first fire - the non-food equivalent of comfort food. The gel canisters put out a lot of heat but no smoke. They're a tad smelly, but cracking open a window resolved that issue.

Add in a trip to the bookstore that netted a new crochet magazine and a quick run into Michael's for a crochet hook (honest, that's all I wanted!) where I found yet another new magazine, plus a crochet book I just had to have - and it ended up being a pretty darn good day after all.

Back in July, I won a round of word bingo on a crochet socks Yahoo group. My prize was coming from Australia
and was supposed to take 8 weeks or so to get here. At about 10 weeks, I figured it got lost somewhere at sea - but I was wrong. After 12 weeks, my Aussie package arrived on my doorstep this morning. Julie sent a box of chocolate & vanilla cookies and a French lavender sachet. I love the smell of lavender, plus it's good for keeping the little mothies out of my wool stash. But my favorite part of the package was the cool stamps. Thanks, Julie!

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