Kitchen Milestone

We've Hubby's been working on remodeling the kitchen for awhile, and Monday we hit a big milestone.
The granite counter tops are done!

Hubby did all the set-up and prep work, with construction-grade plywood installed on top of the cabinets he just finished building.
I had no idea how much work was involved in installing counter tops; turns out they are just 'rough cut'/shaped at the factory.
It took 4 guys, working hard for over 8 hours, to do the final shaping, polishing and placing everything just right.
It was amazing to watch - the center section under the window, where the sink will go, was carried in and out of the house at least three times before it was right. That's what, 400-500 pounds of awkward, dead weight being hauled in and out? Not an easy - or fun - job.

We loved this granite when we saw it in the slab yard and we love it even more now. 
So many different colors and movement patterns. Makes me smile every time I walk into the kitchen.

Which was exactly the effect we were going for.


Summer Fun

Last week was a bit slow, craft-wise. Leia and I made "snow" (baking soda and hair conditioner)
that was mold-able and cold to the touch. 
She had a blast playing in it with her horses and "Brave" figurines.
We also tried magic sidewalk squirt paint, made with water, food coloring, cornstarch and baking soda.
The girls weren't crazy about this one, probably because I made the paint too thin and it poured out of the squirt bottles too quickly. 
They liked making a mess - 
on the driveway and their feet -
and they liked cleaning it up 
(those $1 sponges were a GREAT investment.)
But the "surprise" spray bottles of vinegar that were supposed to make the paint bubble?

Total bust. No bubbles, no reaction at all. Bummer.
We hit the Santa Barbara Zoo on the perfect day - cool, cloudy and not crowded.
A lot of the animals were out where the kids could see them, including the female lions who had just finished a "roar-off" when we got to their enclosure. 
Even though we do the same things every time we go, the zoo never gets old. 
 Leanne is still too short, but she loves trying to see out of this sign.

We were in the first car on the first train of the day, 
feed Michael the Giraffe, 
(he's going to be a daddy again very soon)

slid down the grassy hill over and over and over  . . . 
Leanne has gotten much braver, and more coordinated at staying on the cardboard slide. 
Given a choice, both girls would spend their entire day on this hill. 
They like the animals, but sledding? That tops everything. 


Block-A-Day Update

I started a bit later than the original Block-A-Day group - who had their 30-day/30-blocks check-in this past weekend - so by my count, I should have 27 blocks done as of today.
Not quite 27 - there's 20 total - but not bad either for someone who's finished 2 other quilts so far this month. (Details on those after they're gifted.) 
These eight are the latest additions. I'm burning through fat quarters faster than expected, so I added 3 more FQ's this weekend. And I bought my first 'whole bolt' of fabric -
I'd already purchased all my 2 local Joann stores had in stock, so when I found out Woodland Hills had 8 yards - and nobody else had any - hubby and I made an emergency run down the freeway Sunday afternoon.
Now that I'm attempting a queen-sized shoo fly quilt (in a pattern like the cheddar version above), it would be a shame to run out of background fabric before it was done. 



Tunisian FO

Finished the scarf 
inspired by the strawberry dishcloth (here).  
 Leia couldn't resist getting in the middle of the photo shoot.

Which was fine, until she started with the funny faces.
Who am I kidding? I love her funny faces. 
I also love this scarf; I'd forgotten how pretty Tunisian basketweave can be.


Craft-tastic Cousins

Week 2 of Crafting With Grandma:
Always a hit with young and younger.
Water sponge throwing contest;
also known as
grandma's sneaky way of getting chalk art off the driveway.
New dress - made by grandma with supervision by Leanne -
for when your best cousin is gone to dad's and you're alllllllll alone with grandma.
Poor Leanne.
Looks like she's having a terrible time. (not!) 


Freestyle Sewing

Leia asks to sew every day she's here. 
We always go over sewing safety, then I turn her loose to sew whatever she wants. She usually plays around with the different stitches on my (gulp) good machine, sewing straight lines on fabric from her own bag of scraps.
But this time she branched out, making blankets for the beanie babies she and Leanne got from Mickey D's.
Don't you love how baby elephant is tucked so cozily into the Ark?
And the second best part of all this? Right after watching a budding quilter-in-the-making? The girls worked together on this for over an hour without bickering. It's a sewing day miracle!