Bottle Baby

Donovan spit the bottle out twice on Thursday before accepting defeat the inevitable 

and draining it dry. So happy that battle is behind us (for the most part; he put up a token fuss with his afternoon bottle).

Now we can concentrate on the important things - playing with cousins

and naps.


First Day

On Wednesday, Donovan’s mama went back to work and Donovan spent his first full day with us. (He’ll be here 2 days a week.)

The good news is he and Jackie adore each other, 

with no jealousy on her part 

(I was worried about her willingness to share grandma and papa)

and Donovan likes to take naps, 

especially if someone is holding him.

The bad news? He flat refuses to take a bottle (or pacifier), which makes feeding him a bit difficult when mama’s not around. 

Fortunately, he’s a good-natured and generally happy little guy. And sooner or later he’s going to figure out that bottles are a good thing. I hope. 


Flower Treasure

Last Thursday I found a pretty pink flower, binding strips and quilt pattern on the “treasure table*” at my local guild and thought “I’ll make that some day”. But it kept calling to me, so . . . 

 The 70’s live!

Sunday I dug out a jelly roll I bought years ago, grabbed the leftover yellow Grunge from the firefly quilt and made this -

I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with the finished quilt until Jaclyn took one look and started patting the fabric, saying “pretty, pretty!” So, once the flower is stitched down and the borders are on, this one will go live with Jackie. I love it when a plan comes together.

* Treasure table - where guild members drop off fabric remnants and tools/books/stuff they no longer want and other members grab it up take it home for free. A lot of the fabric for my current English paper piecing project came from the treasure table, and whatever I don’t need will go back there. 


She Likes It!

Addy’s daddy sent me this picture on Saturday - 

I think she likes her new quilt.

 “Greetings, Earthlings!”

Rachel said Addy carried it around with her all weekend

 Astronauts and the space station

which makes me super happy.

Addy has always loved rabbits, so I asked My Pal Debbie to quilt this with Easter bunnies. Debbie thought I was nuts but it was the perfect touch. 

And surprise bonus - Addy discovered the solar system glows in the dark. How wonderful is that?!

P.S. The firefly quilt also lives at Rachel’s house now. 😍




and Donovan came to visit Wednesday while Pop was at his doctors appointment.

Do you know how hard it is to get one-handed photos of 

a squirmy 5-month old

while keeping an excited 2-year old “helper” from falling off the couch?

There were giggles all around.

Then I helped tried to help Leia with math homework (new math!). 

Her response? “Watch and learn, Grandma, watch and learn.” 😂

I deserve a medal. Or cookies. And a nap.


Old Faithful

Now that Firefly, space bunnies and Kingfisher quilts are finished, I’m back working on my long-term EPP project, inspired by this photo.

I calculated I’ll need 133 diamonds for a queen-ish-sized top and so far I’ve finished . . .


I also have 20 center flowers completed, so there is progress. Only 113 flowers and 132 diamonds left to do. Piece. Of. Cake. 


My Helper

The second quilt is finished and heading to its new home later this week (it’s a secret so no pictures yet). I would have finished it a lot sooner if I hadn’t had “help”.

See the yellow arrow? That’s where I was handstitching the binding with the quilt on my lap. And the green arrow?

That’s where Lily was snuggled up inside the quilt, all warm and cozy. That girl loves her quilts.