It's Spoilin' Time

Little Bits came for her first extended visit to granma's house today.

Although she clearly prefers her granma*, PopPop demanded - and received - equal time.


*Not really - she's an equal opportunity snuggler. And still sooo tiny at under 7 pounds.



Sharks and Butterflies

Today's quest was to visit the butterfly exhibit at the Santa Barbara Natural History Museum.
We've been here before (when Leanne was a teeny tiny little thing, and with Naia who claimed she was scared of the butterflies), 
and toured the exhibit in Denver with Addy, 
but it's always fun to admire the colors and delicacy of the flutterbys  
and their special garden. (more butterfly pictures at the end of this post . . . )
The museum has added several new kid's areas - touch, smell, play, color - which the girls loved. We'll definitely be back again soon.

And since we were already in Santa Barbara . . .
and the Sea Center Museum on the wharf was included in our membership . . . .
and the girls didn't have enough toys already . . . .
we stopped by for a quick visit with the jellyfish. 
This is one of my favorite museums.

I love the hands-on approach 
and the enthusiasm of the college-age docents. 

And petting a tiger shark is just cool, I don't care how old you are.  

Just a few of the 116 pictures I took of butterflies today . . . 
Painted Lady (?)
Zebra Longwing


Julia Longwing

Polydamas Swallowtail

Common Buckeye (?)




Water Fight

It started innocently enough . . .
A visit to a friend's house, 
so her grand-monkey 
could play with my grand-monkeys.
It quickly devolved into a fight . . . 
of the very best kind.
With laughter
and soaking

and friendship all around.
With a great life lesson thrown in for free . . . 
after the fun
comes the clean-up.
And clean-up always goes better if you do it with friends. 



Leanne was more than just a little worried about ballet recital.  
Her costume itched. She didn't want to be away from mom and grandma that long. The stage was big.
But in the end, she and all her buddies did a great job. 
Leanne is front row, 4th little girl from the left. 

And being on the big stage? Leanne LOVED it, especially getting to come back out with all the other dancers for the final bow. She was so excited afterward she could hardly talk.
And the other thing she loved? The long-stemmed roses* from Grandma and PopPop. Because every prima ballerina deserves flowers at the end of her performance. 

These are 3 to 5-year-olds in their first ballet recital. Leanne is second from the right. 

* She disliked her itchy costume so much, I couldn't talk her into putting it back on for even one minute for pictures with her roses. 


Recital's Coming

Today was dress rehearsal for Leanne's big ballet performance this Saturday.

Can't wait to see these cuties on stage at the TO Civic Arts Center.

And Jaclyn couldn't care less. She knows she'll be the center of attention, no matter what else is happening.



Fireworks Bust

No boom-booms for us tonight. Still not sure why Camarillo's fireworks were a no-go - although I'm guessing a technical malfunction of some sort. So disappointing!

Leanne and I were all set and in our places by 9:00 pm, the official start time. We could hear Thousand Oak's display start . . . and end . . . and still nothing (other than some large, colorful, very illegal fireworks from a nearby field.)

We gave up at 9:40 and Leanne headed home in tears. At 9:50 came word of the cancellation from people who had paid to see the show inside the stadium.
JRo all dressed up and ready to celebrate America's birthday.
Camarillo's show was late starting last year but it eventually hit the skies. Now, no show this year at all. I'm thinking the city needs a new fireworks vendor. And I need a better plan for next year - I love fireworks too much to miss them again.