Art Class

I love volunteering in Leia's classroom, especially when it's art day. 
Today's project was to draw a portrait, half human and half wild thing (from Maurice Sendak's great book). The kids started with a folded paper, added a few baselines and then went wild.
I love how these turned out - Leia's is on the left; her friend's is on the right.
These crazy guys were also in the classroom - 
I forgot to ask Leia what this one's name is, so I'm calling him Mr. GrassMan. Cool, man.


Make Cookies!

Me, in the car after picking up Leia from school: Soooo, what do you want to do today?
Leia: Make cookies!!
Me: Are you sure?

So we made cookies. It's a shame this kid is so wishy-washy and can never make up her mind about things. (Not!)


Stash Update

My fabric stash has been out of control for awhile. It was spread throughout the house, with piles here and bins there. Sewing ground to a halt because I couldn't find anything.

Earlier this week, My Pal Reyna got tired of hearing me complain came over to help organize the mess. The night before, I'd piled all* my bins, bags and boxes of fabric on the living room floor. (Hubby was soooooooo happy.)

It took us all afternoon, but Reyna whipped my mess into a logical, efficient system. Two big bags of fabric were donated to a charity quilting program. All the rest is in labeled bins, sorted by color and type of fabric (batiks, kid prints, backing fabric, etc.).

Thank you, Reyna! I can actually find things again! Sewing can begin again - starting with all those works-in-progress we unearthed and that are now neatly corralled into one two three bins.

View of the stash room, from the doorway.

Yarn bins still outnumber fabric, but not by much.


* Maybe not all the fabric. Christmas and Halloween still have their own special drawers outside the stash room. 'Cause they're my favorites.



Exercise Help

Leia decided she should "help" Pop with his stretches.

And by "help" I mean see how often she could get in his way.

I missed the shot where she was sitting on his stomach.

They were both laughing so hard they could hardly move.

Fun times.


*These were taken awhile back; guess I should download pics from my 'real' camera more often.



Quilt Show

I'd made arrangements with My Pal Reyna to attend the Camarillo quilt guild's annual show today, not knowing that Leanne would be out of school for a teacher in-service day. Leanne was not pleased when she discovered she'd be going to the quilt show with me . . . until I said the magic grandma words: "Disney princess store!"

"Love Notes" by Sharon Lewis. I want to make this, someday.

And they really are magical. During the four hours we spent at lunch and the show, I only had to remind Leanne once that visiting "Disneyland" was based on her good behavior.

For Rachel - a gigantic chicken purse, with long spindly legs. It was awesome!

Between the guild's scavenger hunt for kids - with a cute prize bag for completion - and anticipation of the Disney treat, I think Leanne actually had fun. I know I did.  My little Pumpkin is growing up!


He Wins

This is how I spent most of my day -

staring at crochet charts and working on class samples*.

This is how Pop spent most of his day -

with Marie and Leanne on Santa Monica Pier.

He wins best day, hands down.

* I love my 'job', but crunch time - when I have to have 12 samples made, with patterns written and photos taken, by Saturday - is a royal PITA. (Pain in the tushie)



Haircut Surprise

Marie and I have been trying for a month or more, off and on, to talk Leanne into getting her haircut.

The conversation usually goes . . . Me: "Hey Leanne, how'd you like to get a sparkly haircut today?" Leanne: "No!" (On more mellow days, it's "no, thank you.")

So you can imagine my surprise when I asked again today, just for the heck of it, and she said "yes".

A fast phone call - before she changed her mind - and 15 minutes later Leanne was perched in a barber chair,

happily watching Charlie Brown and Snoopy, while her hair was cut "to my shoulders, please."


And the final verdict?

Happiness on all fronts. Leanne loves her new 'do with the sparkles and rainbow colors. I love fewer tears during brushing sessions.

Isn't my Pumpkin Princess the cutest??