Fiber Baby

Jac got her first yarn ball today.

She and Lily Kitty were trying to claim the same toy, so Lily got the old, well-chewed yarn ball and Jac received a nice, fresh, baby-friendly version.

And like any good fibernista, she immediately pulled it apart,

inspected the yarn and gave it back to me to be rewound.

Gotta start 'em young on the fiber path!


Porcupine Personality Test

The girls cooked dinner for us tonight and the way they approached the porcupines says soooooo much about their personalities.

Leanne (and me too) dig into the gooey mess with enthusiasm and bare hands. 

Leia has no intention of touching that yucky stuff without gloves (and an apron, if she could have found one.)

But she has no problem getting her hands dirty when it comes to baking - especially if we're talking cookies and she gets to lick her fingers (not this time with the biscuits). 

And they both are more than willing to help eat what they make. So yummy. Seconds, anyone?


Careful and Honorable

This was on the wall in Leia's classroom tonight during open house. So beautiful.



Clothes Shopping

I seriously dislike clothes shopping. I buy jeans once a year (or two) and hit the Columbia Outlet for shirts when they have a sale, but that's about it. I wasn't always this way . . . maybe it's an age thing? Nahhhh.

We leave on our next big trip in less than a month, so it's getting down to the wire to find  traveling duds. Today was one of our few kid-free, appointment-free days (who knew retirement would be so busy?!) so hubby forced accompanied me to Dillard's in Palmdale (closest place to find formal attire) and then the T.O. mall. 

Good news? I have everything I need except shoes - and it only took us eight hours, door-to-door. Better news? A settlement check from Chevy - that I'd misplaced for months and was due to expire in June - paid for most of the shopping spree. That made it almost worth the aggravation. Almost.


Baby Visit

Look who came for a visit this weekend

with his big brother, Travis. 
Isaac sure looks different at 7 months vs 3 months. He's a big boy now!
Mom and Dad were attending a company party nearby so the boys stayed with us overnight. It was not one of our more successful visits. Isaac was congested and coughing, which meant he didn't get much sleep - so neither did I. And poor Travis started throwing up Sunday morning, probably from all the excitement of spending time with his favorite PopPop.
I didn't get any pix of Travis plus Breanne and company missed our planned Mother's Day brunch. Ah well, hopefully they will feel better next time and I'll get lots more photos.


Weaving Trifecta

Leia saw Leanne weaving today 

and decided she wanted to give it a try.

Of course, I said "no".


I'd purchased another Ashford SampleIt loom after we got home from visiting Addy, just in case Leia was interested.

Leia picked her yarns, designed a warping plan (it involved multiplication; she was very excited to use her math skills) and we got most of the warping done before bedtime.

I plan to finish tying on in the morning and have it ready for her to start wefting when she gets out of school.

Crossing my fingers she likes it …


Voice of Science

We love listening to Neil deGrasse Tyson speak and this time was even better - 

 the first 2000 people (including us!!) 
received a free, hand-signed copy of his new book, "Astrophysics for People in a Hurry."

Almost the entire 4,300 seat Dolby Theater was sold out, which was no surprise. 

The man is intelligent, funny, personable and makes science accessible to even the science-challenged (me, sometimes). Plus, he's a voice of reason and logic in these crazy anti-science days. 

LA traffic was kind to us  - 

we arrived at the Dolby before 5:00, which gave us plenty of time for a leisurely dinner, 
 a stroll along Hollywood Blvd to check out the crazies stars, 

and to admire the beautiful architecture in the home of the Academy Awards. A perfect evening.