Range Backpack

It took all day, but I’m all set for tomorrow night’s Range backpack class at Strings and Things Studio.

I’ve been excited about this class since I first saw Kaity’s backpack several months ago. Wish me (and the teacher) luck! 


His and Hers

His day:

Building a temporary spray booth in the back yard

and painting the first part of Leia’s new double-decker bed. Installation starts tomorrow (if the paint is dry). Hooray! I’ll miss it taking up all the space being in our living room. 

My day:

Adding the border diamonds to my Kingfisher quilt

and starting to sew the rows together. 

I planned hoped to finish this today, including the THREE additional borders, but matching up the row points proved trickier, more time consuming and much more frustrating than I thought it would. Definitely time to put it away for today.


T Is For . . .

Today’s project was Leanne’s idea.

I cut and sewed the pillow (slippery minke fabric is too tough for small hands); 

she stuffed it and hand-stitched the “T” in place.

And why a “T”, you ask? It’s for “tradition”. Leanne says, “it’s like when a big kid gives the pillow to the little kid so she can be a big kid too. It’s a family tradition to pass it on.”  I 💕💕 that!

Leanne also made a doll dress, completely by herself, from a video she saw on YouTube. 

It wasn’t working right at first, until she figured out she needed the fabric to be a square rather than a rectangle. She’s one smart, crafty cookie.


Yellow Turtle

Hubby’s sister and BIL came down from the high desert to enjoy our cool ocean breezes, so we went to lunch at Andria’s, then did a walkabout of Ventura Harbor.

Tiny girl wanted to go in the water, rather than just look at it, 

 My almost redhead

but we distracted her with steel drums,


ice cream,

and a yellow turtle. 

Me: What color is your turtle?

Jac: Yellow!

Me: He looks green to me. Can you say “green”?

Jac: Green!

Me: Good. What color is your turtle?

Jac: Yellow!!

And repeat. Her favorite color words - the answer to every color question - is either yellow or purple. Good choices, kid!


Done. Kinda


Kinda. It took most of Saturday for me to square up the blocks,

sew them in rows 

and add the final borders. 

You may notice that, while I started out following the original layout, somewhere along the way I goofed made an design decision and went my own way. I prefer that excuse explanation to  “directionally-challenged” or “can’t follow directions even when there are pictures”.

This baby is headed to my favorite long-arm quilter on Thursday. So excited!


Fair Ribbons

The Fair ended yesterday, so the girls and I went to Ventura today to collect their entries and their bling.

That’s a whole lot of ribbons!



Look who’s double digits!

Ok, she turns 10 tomorrow but we partied today at the latest preteen hotspot, Dojoboom


The kids bounced on trampolines for the first hour, then had pizza and cake the second hour. Great fun for all the kids. 

Donovan slept through all of it but I bet next year he’ll be in the thick of things.

Happy birthday my sweet monkey unicorn!