What's A Grandma To Do?

It's been cold around here, at least by CA standards, and poor JacJac had no hats.  

And with all the raw materials I own, we just can't have that.
 It took two evenings, but I fixed the problem.
And made Leanne very happy
when she realized she and Jac were twinsies.


Gateway Model

It's been awhile since I was able to talk Leia into modeling for me. 
This is my friend Reyna's Gateway Infinity Scarf pattern, 
made in yummy Malabrigo Arroyo.

Loved making it; and I'm going to love wearing it if I can get it back from My Little Model.
She seems to think the scarf should be her payment for helping me out.
Wrong. This beauty is mine. (But I might make another one for her . . . . )  


Birthday Present

For my last birthday, I asked - pretty please - for a "grandmother ring" with the little girls' birthstones. Hubby and eldest daughter put their heads together and Rachel found the perfect ring . . . except all the stones were diamonds (nice problem to have, right??)


Off we went to a local jeweler, who replaced four of the original stones with the proper birthstones. I got it back today - and I love it! The center diamond can be swapped for a birthstone later, should the need arise. For right now, I'm telling the little girls that the diamond is my heart, which their stones have surrounded. 

And the four replaced diamonds? We're having them set into two "decade bands" that will attach on either side of my wedding ring. That will give me one band for each decade hubby and I have been married. Crossing my fingers it will be done by Valentines day. . .


Big Girl

Look who's getting to be a big girl. 


Jac had her six-month doctor visit today - complete with three shots. And sweet, happy girl that she is, she was smiling again as soon as the last needle was out and mom picked her up. 


She's in the 75% for height and the 25% for weight. Long and lean, just like her big sister. Happy 6-month birthday, JacJac!


Happy New Year!

We finished our last present opening session at lunch on Thursday 

  Travis, 5

when we finally caught up with these cuties. 

  Isaac, 2 months

New Year's Eve was spent partying with these guys -


Leanne* made it to 11:30 before deciding she didn't really care about watching a ball drop. I showed her fireworks (from Sydney Harbor) on the iPad and we called it good. Happy New Year, y'all!


* Leanne cut her own bangs. Again. My first thought? Happy it didn't happen on my watch! She's decided she wants to be a "hair cutter" when she grows up. Maybe we should just teach her to cut straight?


Little Love



It's a hard job, but someone has to do it. 


Happy 6 month birthday, JacJac.


Merry Merry, Day 2

Day 2 of opening presents, this time at Matt and Mary's house. 

Happy girls. 



Then a big cup of hot chocolate on the way home, to ward off the (CA) freezing temps. 

One more celebration to go, then we're on to the new year.